CATHERINE HALL: Top Model Release developer Catherine Hall cohosts the award-winning netcast TWiT Photo, which was rated ‘Best New Tech Podcast’ for 2011 in iTunes. A highly sought-after commercial photographer, Catherine represents a prestigious roster of clients—including Reuters, News Corp, Credit-Suisse, and John Deere. Her editorial work regularly appears in leading publications, like The New York Times and National Geographic; her fine-art works have been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States; and her travel photography assignments have taken her to over 30 countries in five continents.

A driven perfectionist, unapologetic tech geek, and charismatic industry leader, Catherine’s professional sponsors include Apple, Epson, and Adobe. She regularly judges international photography competitions and lectures at top trade schools and conferences, such as WPPI, PDN PhotoPlus, Macworld and PPA Affiliates.


BERT KRAGES: Top Model Release legal consultant Bert Krages is a Portland-based copyright lawyer with 25 years of experience specializing in photography-rights issues. He has authored several books on the subject, including Legal Handbook for Photographers, published by Amherst Media. Bert is nationally recognized as a public advocate for the rights of photographers to document what they see in public places. Bert earned his Master's from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his J.D. from the University of Oregon. (Please note that Top Model Release supports an unlimited number of fully customizable forms, including simplified versions, like those found in Legal Handbook for Photographers. Also note that Mr. Krages’ endorsement of Top Model Release is not an endorsement of Getty Releases.)


PRODUCTIVE EDGE: Top Model Release software developer Productive Edge  formed a first-rate team to help me develop my app, including Joel, Ellie. Liezl, and Josh. Productive Edge produces a far-reaching roster projects that includes both eye-popping Facebook apps and complex corporate Intranets. The company is best-known for its delivery of user-friendly tools that are technically innovative, and Productive Edge collaborates with high-profile clients, like Johnson & Johnson, Pep Boys, and Bergdorf-Goodman. They are at the forefront of mobile technology, because they consistently develop high-quality applications that address real user needs.







DIETER CHANEY: Dieter Chaney has over 12 years of technical experience specializing in software applications for end user support. Dieter has played a key role in helping companies and major corporations strategically design, implement, and streamline their support processes for custom tailored applications, commercial software, and desktop support. Dieter is also an ambitious photographer that loves to capture people, relationships and weddings.

*Special Thanks to other TMR contributors: Trish Chan, Abigail Wick, Kyla Knight, Melanie Halim, Ryan Marsh, Jerry Ghionis, Justin Winter and Susan McCormick.*